Inspiring New Understanding

At Halozyme, we are committed to doing the right thing in the right way. Our commitment to corporate citizenship is built on a foundation of integrity, respect and compassion.

Corporate Responsibility

Our Core Values drive this belief, as well as the commitments we make to our employees, our community, and the environment. What do these include?


We provide, support, or sponsor:

  • A diverse and inclusive environment
  • Regular employee health and safety programs
  • Professional development for employees at all levels
  • Flexibility in working hours in support of work-life balance
  • Annual work-place safety training


  • Quarterly Safety Committee review of workplace safety and adherence to policies
  • Annual training in accordance with our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, including commitment to safe disposal of all chemical waste

Governance and Ethics

  • Annual all employee training on our Code of Conduct
  • Confidential hotline and direct access to Chairman of Nominating & Governance Committee to report any compliance concerns via email at
  • Adherence to ICH, GCP, Declaration of Helsinki, GMP and GVP guidance
  • Commitment to data transparency through adherence to Clinical Trial Disclosure and Data Transparency requirements
  • Adherence to Good Publication Practice Guidelines
  • Commitment, including expectation for all vendors and partners, to affirm no use of child labor
  • Commitment to uphold Internationally recognized human rights


We provide, support or sponsor:

  • Companywide community service days/volunteerism supporting:
  • STEM education
  • Humanitarian services (e.g., food drives, home builds, meal services)
  • Environmental organizations (e.g., lagoon cleanup events, park restoration)
  • Children/Military (e.g., school supply drives, holiday adopt-a-family, playhouse builds, paracord bracelets)
  • Cultural/diversity relations
  • Patient/healthcare advocacy groups

Diversity and Inclusion

As a leading biopharma company, we are building a diverse team who is passionate about and committed to having a positive impact on the lives of patients and their families around the world.




59%Caucasian or White
9%Hispanic or Latino
4%Black or African American
2%Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
2%Two or More
2%Chose not to declare

We value and celebrate the unique talents, backgrounds and perspectives each employee brings to the workplace. We also believe it is important to provide an environment where all employees are respected and rewarded for their contributions and can pursue their career goals in a supportive, team environment.

Our Principles

We have adopted the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s principles on workforce development, diversity and inclusion, which are listed below:

  • Principal 1

    We will champion workforce development, diversity and inclusion as a way to attract, develop and retain our talent pool within the globally competitive biotechnology industry.

  • Principal 2

    We believe that diversity in all aspects of business operations will optimize the continued growth and success of our company and the biotechnology industry.

  • Principal 3

    We will lead by example in our diversity efforts, and will incorporate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of our operations.

  • Principal 4

    We will engage with external partners to broaden the reach and incorporation of diversity throughout the biotechnology ecosystem.

  • Principal 5

    We believe our technologies and products should address the needs of a diverse population.


Halozyme has established a compliance reporting mechanism intended to supplement, not replace, other channels for communicating questions or concerns within the organization. A company independent of Halozyme staffs this hotline, which may be used anonymously to report violations or suspected violations of the law. The hotline may be accessed by calling 855-350-9391, online at, or by directly contacting the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee chairperson by e-mail at: